Senior Theses, Princeton University

By year and author.

Thesis number assigned by Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton University (1994-2012).


  1. Keckler, Sara E.:
    Incorporation of Silica into Wood Cell Walls
    (Thesis No. 5357)
  2. McGehee, Michael D.:
    Self-Assembling Mesoscopic Surfactant/Silicate Materials
    (Thesis No. 4904)


  1. Lettow, John S.:
    Fabrication of Large YBa2Cu3O7-x Single Crystals From Melts
    (Thesis No. 6930)
  2. Lewis, Jeffrey T.:
    The Use of Osmotic Consolidation to Process High Performance Ceramics
    (Thesis No. 6931)
  3. Mellowes, John W.:
    Amorphous Silica Coatings on Alumina and Silicon Nitride Particles
    (Thesis No. 6934)
  4. Shahid, Dilshad M.:
    Formation of Barium Titanate on Biological and Synthetic Scaffoldings
    (Thesis No. 6940)
  5. Sousa, Catherine M.:
    Mechanism of Mullite Formation in SiC-Mullite-Al2O3

    (Thesis No. 6941)
  6. Srinivasan, Uthara:
    Preparation of Mesoporous Silicates and Nanocomposite Applications
    (Thesis No. 6942)


  1. Caputo, Franklin E.:
    The Dielectric Behavior of Mesoporous Silicates: Probing the Electric Double Layer
    (Thesis No. 7410)


  1. Abes, Jeff I.:
    Atomic Force Microscope Lithography
    (Thesis No. 9345)


  1. Cheung, Alice K.:
    Optimization of Piezocomposite Using a Matrix Material with Negative Poisson's Ratio
    (Thesis No. 9483)
  2. Ko, Jeffrey, J.:
    Bone Implant Fabrication From Hydroxyapatite Using Stereolithography
    (Thesis No. 9489)
  3. Milam, Robert H.:
    Development of the Ultracapacitor: Current Technology and Materials for the Future
    (Thesis No. 9493)
  4. Miller, Gregory A.:
    Design and Processing of Cellular Piezoelectric Shell Transducers
    (Thesis No. 9494)


  1. Dulgar, Aaron:
    In Vitro Quantification of Ceramic Osteo-Induction
    (Thesis No. 11141)
  2. Hayward, Ryan:
    Assembly and Patterning of Colloidal Crystals
    (Thesis No. 11145)
  3. Hsieh, Edward:
    Ceramic Processing of Monazite
    (Thesis No. 11147)
  4. Hsu, Ming Feng:
    A Study of Sol-Gel Coated Cells for Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping
    (Thesis No. 10644)
  5. Lu, Sang:
    Sintering of Gold and Platinum Nanoparticles
    (Thesis No. 11153)
  6. Monroe, Charles:
    Evaluation of High Surface Area Silica and Zinc Oxide Sol-Gels for Ultracapacitor Applications
    (Thesis No. 11157)
  7. Mysen, Joanna:
    Growth and Characterization of Micron-Scale Piezoelectric Materials
    (Thesis No. 11158)
  8. Photos, Peter:
    Non-Titanium Spine Cages: Evaluation Using Finite Element Methods Construction Via Stereolithography
    (Thesis No. 11161)


  1. Mattern, Kristin J.:
    Electrophoretic Assembly of Optically-Modulated Colloidal Single Crystals
    (Thesis No. 11819)
  2. Pagnotto, Michael R.:
    The Effects of Ceramic Implant Pore Size on Osteoblast Development
    (Thesis No. 11821)
  3. Rea, Susan M.:
    Multilayer Polymer Coatings and Enzyme Interactions for Enhanced Bone Graft Design
    (Thesis No. 11822)
  4. Sollazzo, Michael J.:
    Characterization of Double Layer Ultracapacitors
    (Thesis No. 11825)


  1. Bernd, Jeffrey D.:
    Micro-power Generation Using Piezoelectricity
    (Thesis No. 14229)
  2. Brown, Christina L.:
    Structural Characterization and Template-Directed Assembly of a De Novo Beta-Sheet Protein
    (Thesis No. 12774)
  3. Dean, Kathryn:
    Chrysotile Asbestos and Carbon Nanotubes: A Comparison of Protein Adsorption Properties
    (Thesis No. 14233)
  4. Higham, Eileen M.:
    Micropatterning of Proteins and the Effects on Cellular Behavior
    (Thesis No. 14235)
  5. Jarvis, Jessica M.:
    The Characterization of L3 Templated Silica Films
    (Thesis No. 14236)
  6. Pescatore, Mark C.:
    Ultracapacitor Design and Optimization
    (Thesis No. 14240)
  7. Rusin, Craig G.:
    Patterning of Colloidal Crystals with an Electrohydrodynamic Pen
    (Thesis No. 14244)
  8. Sood, Pranidhi
    Protein Adsorption to Rough Surfaces
    (Thesis No. 14246)


  1. Peluse, J. Matthew:
    Microscale Propulsion - Concepts for Small Spacecraft
    (Thesis No. 14831)
  2. Sakiestewa-Sze, Micah Fu-Hung:
    Thin Films of Nanoporous Silica
    (Thesis No. 14833)


  1. Coleman, Celeste:
    Prevention of Aluminosilicate Precipitation in Nuclear Tank Waste with Organic Inhibitors
    (Thesis No. 15926)
  2. Hanley, Erik:
    Guided Self-Assembly of Collagen Arrays with an Electric Field
    (Thesis No. 15928)
  3. Pierre, Cynthia:
    Bioinspired Laminated Tabular Composites
    (Thesis No. 15934)
  4. Wahl, Christopher:
    L3-Silica/Polyurethane Thermally Insulating Nanocomposite
    (Thesis No. 15938)


  1. Molnar, Kathleen Susan:
    Electric Field-Directed Self-Assembly of Type III Collagen
    (Thesis No. 17900)
  2. Okun, Miriam Elizabeth:
    Nacre Mimic Ceramic: The Role of High Strength Pillars and Interfacial Asperities
    (Thesis No. 17901)


  1. Naski, Stefanie M.:
    Piezoelectric Polymer-Ceramic Composites
    (Thesis No. 18997)
  2. Shum, Anderson Ho Cheung:
    An AFM Study of Adsorbed Surfactant Morphology on Metals: Implications for Corrosion Inhibition
    (Thesis No. 18999)


  1. Blackwell, David M.:
    Self-Healing through Self-Assembly
    (Thesis No. 19739)
  2. Hou, Kirk K.:
    Self Assembled Mesoscopic Silica Hollow Microspheres
    (Thesis No. 19743)
  3. Murthy, Sandeep N.:
    Mimicking Nacre with Laminar, Tabular Ceramics
    (Thesis No. 20455)
  4. Yeh, Ted C.:
    Ultracapacitor Properties of Functionalized Graphene Sheets
    (Thesis No. 19765)


  1. Johnson, Abby C.:
    Interface Modification of Functionalized Graphene Sheets in Epoxy Composites
    (Thesis No. 20534)
  2. Kovacs, Sandor A.:
    In vitro Deformation of ECM Using Artificial Muscle
    (Thesis No. 20535)
  3. Kozarsky, Ross M.:
    Enhancing the Sensitivity of Sensors Using Nanostructured Silica Coatings
    (Thesis No. to 20536)
  4. Sai, Hiroaki:
    Mechanical Properties of L3-Templated Nanostructured Silica
    (Thesis No. 20541)�


  1. Amin, Devang:
    Adsorption of Tetradecyltrimethylammonium Bromide on Polycrystalline Titanium Dioxide Films Grown by Thermal Oxidation of cp-Ti and Ti6Al4V
    (Thesis No. 22331)
  2. Chen, Haoqian:�
    The Synthesis of L3-Phase Silica Thin Films
    (Thesis No. 22332)
  3. Chiang, Katherine, S.:
    Conductive Functionalized Graphene Sheet Composites
    (Thesis No. 22333)
  4. Leung, Eva:
    Tunable Structural Color Pixels
    (Thesis No. 22338)
  5. Morrison, James W.:
    Investigation of Molecular-Scale Capillary Forces Using Graphene Oxide Nanoplates
    (Thesis No. 22341)


  1. Ayyangar, Rajiv Paul Lorica:
    Enhancing the Sensitivity of Sensors Using Nanostructured Materials
    (Thesis No. 22822)
  2. Oquendo, Alan Kenneth:
    Imparting Multifunctionality Into Polyureas and Polyurethanes by Addition of Functionalized Graphene Sheets
    (Thesis No. 22842)


  1. Menon, Naveen:
    A Study on the Effects of Platinum Decoration of Functionalized Graphene Sheets on Its Combustion
    (Thesis No. 24388)
  2. Pires, Antonio Monteiro:
    Mechanical Properties of L3-templated Silica Fibers
    (Thesis No. 24394)
  3. Yalamanchi, Kalyan:
    Metal-Substituted Alumoxanes as Colloidal Nanocatalysts for Enhanced Fuel Combustion
    (Thesis No. 24403)


  1. Sagastegui, Amanda:
    Multifunctional Colloidal Nanocatalysts for Liquid Fuel Combustion
    (Thesis No. 26662)
  2. Sakellaris, Andreas Konstantinos:
    Simulating Conductivity Behavior for Nanocomposite Polymers Embedded with Carbon Black
    (Thesis No. 26663)
  3. Zak, Audrey Rose:
    Tetrazine-Functionalized Graphene Sheets
    (Thesis No. 26672)


  1. Lang, Wendy:
    A Multifunctional Nanocatalysts for Fuel Combustion: Modification of Functionalized Graphene Sheets with Tetrazine Molecules
    (Issue date: 24 July 2013)
  2. Liu, Yifei Michelle:
    Functionalized Graphene Based Sensors for Nitric Oxide Detection
    (Issue date: 24 July 2013)


  1. Bai, Vincent:
    Capacitance of Aggregated Functionalized Graphene in Supercapacitors
    (Issue date: 30 July 2014)
  2. Szamreta, Nicholas J.:
    Dilute Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for High Energy Density Supercapacitors
    (Issue date: 11 July 2014)


  1. McDonald, Matthew A.:
    Electrically Conductive Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Reinforced Graphene Aerogels
    (Issue date: 24 June 2015)


  1. Goyal, Priyanka:
    Stretchable Conductors through the Deposition of Carbonaceous Particle Suspensions on Fabrics of Elastomer Fibers
    (Issue date: 13 July 2016)


  1. Xie, Amy:
    Resistance-Strain Behavior in Stretchable Fabric-Carbon Black Composites
    (Issue date: 21 May 2017)