Randy Kurosky honored with 2014 Diamond Award

The College of Engineering of the University of Washington has bestowed the 2014 Diamond Award for Entreprenurial Excellence on Randy Kurosky. Randy received his BS degree in Ceramic Engineering at the University of Washington, after working on the production of ceramic powders using combustion spray pyrolysis in the laboratories of Prof. Ilhan Aksay, then on the faculty of UW's department of Materials Science and Engineering.

As noted on the website for the 2014 Honorees, Randy "...is responsible for turning Seattle Specialty Ceramics, a technology transfer startup, into a successful business: Praxair Specialty Ceramics. Today, Praxair is one of the premier international companies in the field of electronic grade specialty ceramics. His efforts have contributed to advancements in materials science engineering with applications in superconductors, solid oxide and molten carbonate fuel cells, oxygen transport membranes, thin film batteries, photovoltaics, catalyst supports and nuclear ceramics."

Further details of Randy's contributions are given in video profile on the Diamond Awards website.